Bigger Wheels Are Rolling!

Yeah, Crankfire is coming back. Refocused, simplified, mobile ready with 100% less assholery! Built atop a platform consisting of some fancy technology that has all sorts of cool stuff that will let me do all sorts of stuff that is neat.

The Plan

The focus is still to provide a platform to build community sourced mountain bike trail maps and networks, ride bikes and have fun, and to let me computer.

Mobile Friendly

Well, it is almost the year 3000 and people love their phones. Not only that, but we are going super open source and more cloud based than ever! Whatever that means.

Free Time es Nada

I have 2 kids now-a-days, a full time job, a long commute and I don't speak much Spanish. Development here is going to be slow. Really lento.


10 Aug 2104: Database structure for geo-data somewhat finalized. Beginning to import data.

30 Jul 2104: Users have been imported.

25 Jul 2104: There is really nothing to see at this point. The underlying tech is all in place though.