Trumbull (Old Mine Park/Indian Ledges) Trumbull, CT


Boardwalk over the Swampy Area on the Blue Trail
Copper Creek
Rolling Backwards 05-10-2011
Dawgs Can Fly
P-valley Sser Ride
Leaf Peekin' 2010-10-23
8 Mile Ride
New Goodies
Up and over a Blow Down
8 Mile Xc Loopy
Old Tungsten Mine
Xc Loop 2010-08-21
Here Comes the Pain
Rolling the Wall
The Green Monster/The Wall
Trumbull Trails Coalition
Bench Master
Too Dam Hot
Sunday Play Loop - 2010-07-25
The Bat Cave
White Trail - Fallen Tree
June 19 Trumbull Ride, E$ & Billy G
Red Yellow Roller
Father's Day at P Valley
Trumbull Raw 6/15/10
Old Mine Park Network
Which Way?
Slab Rock Trail Thru Hemlock Forest
Slow Death at Trumbull
What The @#@$2?
Stream Crossing
Some Roller
Moon Rocks
Looking off of It
05052010 Duration 022340
Cinco De Mayo
Whipping It
The Road Gap
Serpents Tounge
Rock Thing
Rock Thing
Hippies at Trumbull
The Day We Met Gremf
5 Footer at Indian Ledge
Gapper Drop
You've Got Mail!
You've Got Mail
Rigid and Frigid in Da Blizzard
Frigid and Rigid Ride
Snow 'Horse
Singletrack in the Snow
Turtle Rock In the Snow
Trumbull Trail Map
Riding before the storm
Rock Wall
Google Earth - Trumbull Bird's Eye View
the big purgatory rig
The Gap
A lovely clearing
Cliff Trail
Hucker's Delight
Paking lot art.
Trumbull path gap
Fun with Roots (Trumbull)
Picnic Table Roller at Trumbull as darkness falls
Log Ride at the beginning of Trumbull
Sizing Up Par 19
Larger Roller
Roller 2
Gap Drop 2
Gap Drop
Spilly Mid Trumbull Roller
29er rolling it
Top View of the drop
Drop I cleared out
Image 20080607
Nice Section
Mini Roller
the spooky drop
End of Park St Trail Entrance
Park St Commuter Lot Entrance
Trumbull Log Ride
flight 93 in trumbull
old trumbull drop
Image 20070926
ballsy tree
Highlighted Singletrack section is gone!!!
Blurry 4 Footer
2 Part Roller
5 ft sketchy run in
Blurry BMXsammy's first / last of the day
Finger Stew
Image 20080605
Image 20080605
Image 20080605
Trumbull Pond (topo map 1947)
Pequonnock Valley 1874
Trumbull drop
taking the new hotness off the downhill dropper
rock jump @ river crossing
two stepper roller just across the river
E$ Roller- Super sexy Entrance
Spilly on a bigger roller
Spilly on one of the many Trumbull Rollers
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
Mandizzle dropin'
Image 20070331
Image 20070331
double roller thing
Trumbull Pond 1934
a little fun in trumbull
12 years old and ready to rock !
the cliffs at trumbull - rt 25 below
Image 20061216
Image 20061216
Image 20061216
Image 20061124
Image 20061124
Image 20061124
Kind of Scary Log at Trumbull
2nd day on new bike 5/28/2006
Route from the commuter lot to Twin Brooks Park
Triple Drop
fearless leader!!
log ride..
and here he is crushing it! FREEERIDE!
the man IS human.
Chreeski does the messy drop
hugo goin for it
How we roll...
Hugo rollin'
E-$ Launchin'
Fakin' it
Side view of NFW
Image 20060508
roll zone
up and over
Mandy throwin down
yahoo for me!
Droppin it like its hot
Pete rolling..
Me cheating
aero rollin picinic table
pete floatin one
Bad picture of them
me again!
yours truly
hugo jumpin!
migsy rollin
Up, Up and away...
More Meat!
Deeman roller
Launch the Meat!
Deeman launch...
Aeroplane, Snow, Spicer = OH YEAH!
BLD on the ladder drop
A-Nuther roller
Roller. Another brother
You can do it!!!!!
Hugo and Deeman talk shop...
Hugo Drop...
Vince Meat One Hander...
Vince Meat X-Up...
Map of Trumbull
30 footer?
rotted tree
more rocks
some rocks
river bed 2
River Bed
a rock
trumble panoramic of rt 25
E Money doing something
new log ride
Faster than a speeding bullet
Little step down part in park near grass opening
Angled drop- with actual slightly sloped landing!
Sun spot drop
Lots of fun going down with speed.
Richy tickler
20051126 Post Black Friday Ride
sexy bastard on bike
E Moneybags Rollin
Picture of Bridge Log thing
Orangepatriot. He can fly.
Aeroplane tearing ass
Cahones grande
Technical rock riding
More rocks
Rock crevasse
The Green Monster, looking at it
The Green Monster, looking down
Jakejohn a rollin'
E on the roller
Rock bridge thing
Climb up to the PT
Rolling the picnic table
Poppin n Droppin
Chutes yo
Ass on a log
Drop and Log
Trumbull Commuter Lot Parking
Riding in the Blizzard
Cold Day ride in Trumbull
Trumbull Ride
Old Mine Park - quickie ride
Trumbull 9-30-08
Singlespeeding in Trumbull
Double EE tour of the Pequonnock
It was a ride Fetish
6-14-07 CT Nemba R.A.W.
SS Ride with Mr MMcG
Trumbull was made for Single Speed
Rail Trail Portion
Double Date
Tour de Trumbull
Last ride of winter?
Trumbull Wonderland
Todays Trumbull Ride
The Dreamweaver
The Orangepatriot Show
First ride at Trumbull
Triple Drop
Highway Overlook
Lover's Leap Drop
Whitney Avenue Parking
Drop drop drop
Roller. Another brother
Droppy drop
Swamp Roller
Wee Launch
Drop with gap
The Moon Rocks
The Green Monster
Kick ass roller
Picnic Table
Rocks. Hill. Drops.
Logs and Drops [1]
Park Street Commuter Lot
Hedgehog Road
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